Message info From:Allen Winter Subject:Re: [Kde-pim] GSOC ideas Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 12:59:25 -0400

On Sunday 18 March 2012 6:19:14 AM Kevin Krammer wrote:
> Hello fellow developers,
> since KDE has again been accepted as a mentoring organisation for GSOC, we
> should make sure we have a couple of ideas for PIM stuff on the KDE idea page
> as well.
> Currently we have two:
> - HTML composing, which seems to attract quite some echo already
> - workspace integration, which unfortunately seems to lack the necessary
> coolness factor in its description to do that as well (any help with pepping
> that up is welcome).

I added "Improve KOrganizer templates".

I don't especially want to be a mentor though. so the mentoring job is open.

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