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To:kwin From:Martin Gräßlin Subject:Review Request: Add screen as member to Toplevel instead of rechecking each time Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 06:45:43 -0000

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Review request for kwin.
By Martin Gräßlin.


When the getter for Toplevel's screen was invoked the screen was actually calculated each time. Instead of this the number gets
cached and only updated when the Toplevel's geometry changes or the number of screens or their geometry.

Why did I do this change? For something new I want to experiment with I need a signal when the Toplevel's screen is changed.


Currently running the patch on multi-screen setup and played around with resizing and desktop grid. It's on top of the kephal patches so I am testing both.


  • kwin/toplevel.h (32581a5)
  • kwin/toplevel.cpp (00bd7dd)

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