Message info From:MacPorts Subject:Re: [MacPorts] #33824: py-mysql should be updated to allow mysql55 Date:Fri, 30 Mar 2012 15:56:27 +0000

#33824: py-mysql should be updated to allow mysql55
Reporter: messybox@… | Owner: macports-tickets@…
Type: defect | Status: new
Priority: Normal | Milestone:
Component: ports | Version: 2.0.4
Keywords: | Port: py-mysql
Changes (by ryandesign@…):

* cc: pixilla@…, ryandesign@… (added)


There should be a concerted effort to update ''all' ports using mysql5 to
allow using mysql55, not just py-mysql. However it might be most efficient
to first rename mysql5 to mysql51 so that support for both of those
versions of mysql can be added to each such port simultaneously.

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