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#33635: ppl: update to 0.12
Reporter: ryandesign@… | Owner: adfernandes@…
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Comment(by adfernandes@…):

Just had a great round of fun with this. Although cloog-0.17.0 is out,
gcc46 and gcc47 both require cloog-0.16.1, specifically. However, there
are "serious" bugs fixed in cloog-0.16.1 that has been version bumped to
cloog-0.16.3, and cloog-0.16.3 reports itself as cloog-0.16.1 so gcc46 and
gcc47 can build it.

Did you follow that? :-)

I'm finishing building gcc46 and gcc47 with ppl-0.12.1 and cloog-0.16.3
with the isl backend... when tested, will commit.

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