Message info From:Chris Rees Subject:cvs commit: ports/databases Makefile ports/databases/p5-postgresql-plperl Makefile pkg-descr ports/databases/postgresql83-plperl Makefile ports/databases/postgresql84-plperl Makefile ports/databases/postgresql90-plperl Makefile ports/databases/postgresql91-plperl Makefile Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:21:02 +0000 (UTC)

crees 2012-02-19 19:21:02 UTC

FreeBSD ports repository

Modified files:
databases Makefile
Added files:
databases/postgresql83-plperl Makefile
databases/postgresql84-plperl Makefile
databases/postgresql90-plperl Makefile
databases/postgresql91-plperl Makefile
Removed files:
databases/p5-postgresql-plperl Makefile pkg-descr
- Replace the p5-postgresql-plperl port with versioned ports. This replaces
the fragile autodetection logic with unambiguous ports, creates packages
that work, and also ensures that each version is tested.

- Take back maintainership; should be maintained together with postgresql-server

- While here, remove p5-prefix; the packages have not had this for years, so we
may as well update the port directories now

Revision Changes Path
1.1082 +4 -1 ports/databases/Makefile
1.26 +0 -43 ports/databases/p5-postgresql-plperl/Makefile (dead)
1.2 +0 -7 ports/databases/p5-postgresql-plperl/pkg-descr (dead)
1.1 +17 -0 ports/databases/postgresql83-plperl/Makefile (new)
1.1 +17 -0 ports/databases/postgresql84-plperl/Makefile (new)
1.1 +28 -0 ports/databases/postgresql90-plperl/Makefile (new)
1.1 +17 -0 ports/databases/postgresql91-plperl/Makefile (new)
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