Message info From:Jukka A. Ukkonen Subject:AMD64 Linux emulation for FreeBSD on AMD64 ??? Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 17:53:52 +0200

Hi all,

I suppose someone may have been thought about this already before.
Anyhow just in case I am the first one to raise the question...

Would it not be better to install 64 bit amd64 Linux libraries and binaries
on an amd64 system running FreeBSD?
This would make it easier to use things like e.g. linux flash plugin on
amd64 based FreeBSD systems.
If 32 bit linux compatibility is also considered useful on 64 bit systems,
it could be done much like the native 32 bit FreeBSD libraries.
I mean on a 64 bit FreeBSD system there could be /compat/linux for
64 bit linux libraries and binaries and /compat/linux32 for the 32 bit

This is just an idea. I hope you like it, though. ;-)


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