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This is Seth from Valuplus.

Google has launched "The Google Wallet", a mobile phone app that turns your customer's phone into their wallet. Merchants use a Pay-Pass terminal in their stores to enable customers to make purchases through the tap of a smart phone.

You now have the opportunity to be set up with this new state of the art technology RENT FREE! Valuplus will provide you with a zero-rent Pay-Pass terminal. This will give you the ability to accept payments through Google Wallet and other contactless payment programs.

Your business will be also be added to the Pay-Pass locator published on the Google Wallet website. See what large merchants like Macy’s, Subway, and Wal-Greens are saying about Google Wallet:

I am willing to go over this whole program with you, either in person or via telephone, depending on your location and/or preference.

Please call 1 (800) 390-7912 to get more information today!


Seth Feinstein
National Account Manager
Valuplus Merchants Association
1 (800) 390-7912

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