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To:Raif S. Berent From:Peter Jeremy Subject:Re: lagg problems on diskless client Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 18:20:54 +1100

On 2012-Mar-28 13:16:06 +0300, "Raif S. Berent" <> wrote:
>I have some problems implementing lagg(4) on dual NIC's on the diskless
>client side. It may be because my switch is a cheap, un-managed Gbit switch
>or hopefully some other reason. I would like to either get lagg working
>properly or find an alternative method of solving the problem.

Whilst I haven't specifically done this, I have done diskless booting
on a wired NIC and then switched to a wired/wifi lagg. Have a look at

>I concede that under this structure lagg's loadbalance or LACP are probably
>not going to work.

FEC & LACP require support at both ends and so won't work. loadbalance
& roundrobin should work but aren't really appropriate unless your
interfaces are identical.

>In general, as soon as lagg is brought up, NIC pool no longer responds to
>pings and gives an "I'm busy now" message.

Yes. Once you create the lagg, the interfaces comprising it will no
longer work standalone and you can't atomically migrate the IP address
from re0 to lagg0 - hence the script linked from the above page.

Peter Jeremy