Message info From:Tom Taylor Subject:[PCN] I-D Action: draft-ietf-pcn-cl-edge-behaviour-14.txt Date:Thu, 05 Apr 2012 16:53:02 -0400

Here are the changes for this version of the CL document. Most are as
for SM, but I fixed a couple of glitches specific to this document.

I will resubmit SM with three changes: the one discussed this morning,
an update to reference MeLe12, and insertion of a missing "and".

Section 1.1, codepoints
Switched to 3-in-1 terminology and 3-in-1 as reference.

Section 2
Changed the marking-related bullets to use 3-in-1 terminology and
references, similarly to the changes in SM.

Section 3.2.1
Changed the ThM-rate and ETM-rate bullets to use 3-in-1 codepoints.

Section 3.3
Restored "MUST implement both" at the Decision Point.

Section 3.3.2
Added at end:

The Decision Point SHOULD log each round of termination as described
in Section

Section 3.3.3
For failure to receive response from ingress node, restored "SHOULD"
notify management. Added a reference to the log format in Section as I did for SM. Marked the approximation procedure as

Section 4.2.1
Replaced first two paragraphs with reference to Section 5.1 of 3-in-1,
exactly as I did for SM.

Section 4.2.2
Updated the reference from RFC 5696 to 3-in-1.

Section 4.7
Replaced the existing text, exactly as done for SM.

Section 5.1.1, second bullet
reference updated to 3-in-1.

Section 5.1.2, second paragraph, last sentence
Replaced "Since" by "If" as discussed this morning.

Section 5.1.2, fourth paragraph, second sentence
Preceded by "If tunneling is used", as was done for SM.

Section 5.1.2 last paragraph and 5.1.3 second paragraph
*Corrected*. PCN-supportable-rate rather than PCN-admissible rate is
specific to CL.

Section 5.1.3 end of first paragraph
Updated wording to make clear that new MIB objects rather than new
algorithms are needed.

Section 5.1.3 second bullet
Marked as [CL-specific]. This was one I spotted in passing two or three
versions ago, but couldn't find again because of there was no blank line
separating the bullet from the previous one in the XML source. Gotcha at
last! :)

Added "PCN-ingress-node or" to make clear the scope of the log (as was
done for SM).

Changed units of termRate to thpousands of octets per second (as was
done for SM).

Updated Acknowledgements, added 3-in-1 as a normative reference and
deleted RFC5696 (as was done for SM), updated reference MeLe12 with the
date of issue, deleted unused reference to RFC6040.

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