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To:Pywikipedia discussion list From:Chris Watkins Subject:Re: [Pywikipedia-l] Identifying pages edited by exactly one user. Date:Mon, 19 Mar 2012 00:45:40 +0800

Thanks for all the help, Merlijn and Binris.

There are a couple of options then. If the first solution, from Binris, requires the page to be identified, I could make a list from AllPages for that namespace...

But for now (given my lack of skill in SQL and Python) it occurs to me that I can do a search for any match from a list of spam strings and replace with a delete tag. "(Florida|real estate|home insurance... )" - I have a list of a few hundred spammy phrases. And I'll store this email thread for future reference.

Thanks again!

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 05:53, Merlijn van Deen <> wrote:
On 8 March 2012 20:04, Chris Watkins <> wrote:
> Is it possible for Pywikipediabot to access the number of editors of a
> certain page? Or at least, whether there has been more than one editor? If
> not, is there another tool I can use to create a list of pages on a wiki
> with only one editor?
The best option for things like this is to use a database query.
However, I'm not sure if you are able to run them for appropedia. The
query would be something like

select page_namespace, page_title, count(distinct(rev_user)) as cnt
from revision left join page on page_id=rev_page group by
page_namespace, page_title having cnt=1 limit 1;

Pywikipedia can tell you what the count is for a /specific/ page (as
Binris showed), but is unable to run such queries. The advantage of
SQL queries is that you could even do this more specifically, for
instance by listing only pages in user_talk that have at least one
external link on them.

Last but not least; if all the links spam to one domain, you can
consider using Special:LinkSearch instead. I'm not quite sure if pwb
allows you to use such a list directly.


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