Message info From:Ted Hardie Subject:[rtcweb] Dates for upcoming interim Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2012 08:20:56 -0700

After discussion between the WEBRTC and RTCWEB chairs, consulting the
doodle poll, and working through the potential for co-location with
CLUE, we have decided to set the date for the RTCWEB interim at June
12 & 13th, to be hosted by Ericsson in Stockholm. We understand that
the WEBRTC chairs will hold their meeting on June 11th. If CLUE
wishes to co-locate their meeting, the 14th and 15th will be
available. This would not have been possible on the previous week,
given the national holiday in Sweden on the Wednesday of that week.

We very much appreciated the work Eric put into his analysis, and in
general we will try to prefer hubs; in this particular case, however,
a large fraction of the Western European participants are either based
in Stockholm or must fly through it to reach one of the larger hubs.
Given the availability of a host and this data, we decided to select
Stockholm for this meeting.


Ted Hardie, for the chairs.
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