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To:Michael Meskes From:Stefano Rivera Subject:Bug#658719: python-cssutils: Dependency on python doesnt seem to be right Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 22:33:58 +0200

Hi Michael (2012.02.05_16:22:03_+0200)
> python-cssutils depends on python << 2.8 which brings in 2.7 in sid. However,
> it also depends on python2.6 and no longer on python2.6 | python2.7. This
> doesn't seem to be right or do we really have to reinstall the old 2.6 version?

It depends on 2.6 because the shebang for the scripts is

That was a result of the python3 support in cssutils' packaging. The
loop across python versions is slightly different to dh's, which calls
/usr/bin/python2.6 (the versioned names for all non-default supported
pythons), then finally /usr/bin/python (for the default version). This
results in a shebang of #!/usr/bin/python.


Stefano Rivera
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