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To:Debian Bug Tracking System From:Serafeim Zanikolas Subject:Bug#660568: linux-ftpd-ssl: please migrate away from update-inetd to reconf-inetd as per DEP9 Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 22:59:52 +0100

Source: linux-ftpd-ssl
Severity: wishlist


As you might know, update-inetd has issues that cause cross-package bugs, eg.
#168847. linux-ftpd-ssl relies on update-inetd and has been hit before by such

I've developed a replacement of update-inetd that fixes these issues. The
replacement is called reconf-inetd and is documented in DEP9.

Please consult the section below on how to migrate away from update-inetd.
I'd be happy to provide a patch if that would speed up things.


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