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To:Francesco Poli From:Gian Piero Carrubba Subject:Bug#662865: \'W: Failed to invoke browser.\' when run under sudo Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 08:32:18 +0200

* [Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 11:59:31PM +0200] Francesco Poli:
>Mmmh, I don't think we can assume that sudo is installed, just because
>we are within an sudo environment (with $SUDO_USER set).
>Maybe we are inside a chroot environment and we entered by using sudo
>from the outside. Package sudo is *not* necessarily installed *inside*
>the chroot environment...

Oh, I see. More generally, this is an argument against the whole
'switching-the-user' point: the same user pointed by $SUDO_USER isn't
guaranteed to exist inside the chroot.

>After rebuilding apt-listbugs with your proposed modification,
>I enter the chroot environment (B50shell_pdeb hook script),

Thanks for the explanation, I was really puzzled by the mysterious
behaviour :)
In I read:

/bin/bash < /dev/tty > /dev/tty 2> /dev/tty

Redirecting to/from the tty is evil, and chaining such
redirections is double evil for sure. Or is it evil^2 ? Well, anyway too
much evilness to defeat, I don't think there's a simple workaround for
it (for some meaning of 'simple').

>(even though I don't understand the use of the $n variable in "read p v

Oh, nothing (actually, it stands for 'null' or 'notcaringabout'), just
compulsory scripting for capturing the tail (if any) and not clobbering
the previous variable. Or if you feel like:
test -n "$n" || continue # These aren't the droids you're looking for

Gian Piero.

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