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To:Adrian Friedli From:Jonathan Nieder Subject:Bug#666406: xhci_hcd prevents suspend Date:Fri, 30 Mar 2012 10:54:59 -0500

Hi Adrian,

Adrian Friedli wrote:

> My computer immediately resumes when trying to suspend it while the module
> xhci_hcd is loaded. There were no devices connected to the USB 3 ports during
> the test. Suspend works after unloading xhci_hcd

Thanks. Is this a regression? If so, what is the newest kernel
version you've tried that didn't have this problem? Does this happen
when you suspend-to-disk:

echo disk >/sys/power/state

or only suspend-to-ram?

echo mem >/sys/power/state

Please attach "lspci -vvnn", "lsusb", and "acpidump" output and full
"dmesg" output from booting the system.

Hope that helps,

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