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To:Ian Zimmerman From:Ole Tange Subject:Bug#671798: parallel: Passing args from command line is borked Date:Mon, 7 May 2012 23:01:39 +0200

On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 4:10 AM, Ian Zimmerman <> wrote:

> Rogrio> GNU parallel, to be compatible, also exposes that behavior,
> Rogrio> when invoked with the --tollef option. Otherwise, it is the
> Rogrio> pure GNU parallel behaviour.
> Rogrio> The default behavior in Debian was chosen to be --tollef as
> Rogrio> moreutils's presence in Debian predated GNU parallel for some
> Rogrio> time and to not interfere with users that happen to have both
> Rogrio> moreutils and GNU parallel installed.
> I see. I mistakenly thought this dual personality was a Debian
> invention. As it is it's clearly an upstream bug, they should document
> it in the manpage or at least in the README.

It is assumed that you do not enable --tollef by accident, and you
only enable it to get compatibility with Tollef's parallel (i.e. you
know what you are doing). That is why there is a warning when you run:

parallel --version
(with --tollef enabled in /etc/parallel/config)

which you - according to documentation - must do before filing a bug report.

I am somewhat annoyed that --tollef gives me more support work.
--tollef was implemented to _avoid_ more support work by providing
backwards compatibility to existing Tollef's parallel users to ease
their migration to GNU Parallel. But if --tollef proves to give me
more support work it might be preferable to retire that option.

I would tend to agree with Ian: If I had explicitly asked to get GNU
Parallel installed I would not expect it to go into tollef mode (It
will be fair to call me biased here).

Did you get your GNU Parallel merchandise?

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