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To:Fossil SCM user\'s discussion From:Matt Welland Subject:Re: [fossil-users] fsl wrapper updated Date:Wed, 28 Mar 2012 23:28:52 -0700

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 10:32 PM, Matt Welland <> wrote:
Hmmm... I haven't tested from a fresh install in a while now that I think of it.There is likely something in my environment that masks the problem you are seeing.

I'm having trouble with the fossil binary 1.22 downloaded from the official site. I think I need to build from scratch and don't have time right this sec, can you test the following commands and let me know if they work for you?

fsl repo
fsl repo ls



On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 10:00 PM, Michael Richter <> wrote:
Um... This is just utterly failing for me. When I type "fsl" I get bizarre messages.

I didn't see any issues when I ran in a fresh install. I did have to compile fossil to get ssl working but that is unrelated.

One thing I do see is that "fossil commands" is mentioned in the default help but there doesn't appear to actually be a "fossil commands" help command.
Here's the repo information I've got:
$ fossil timeline
=== 2012-03-28 ===
20:23:06 [f005e8a101] *CURRENT* Removed mention of dbinit from help as it
isn't needed any more (user: mrwellan tags: trunk)
20:22:08 [75f4d3f79c] Added mention of pass-thru of fossil commands in the
help (user: mrwellan tags: trunk)
19:44:16 [048bd4bc30] Added FOSSILEXE variable to allow overriding of where
fossil comes from, set sqlite3 to default to version found on path,
added alias for ls to list (user: mrwellan tags: trunk)
=== 2012-03-27 ===
16:56:59 [8eb9dd6b23] Fixed broken initialization (user: mrwellan tags: trunk)
=== 2012-03-23 ===
18:23:06 [111abefc7c] Added primitive pre and post hooks to repo create and
get. Added support for .fslcustom in the same dir as fsl (user:
mrwellan tags: trunk)
17:18:27 [5aa3c15c17] Added some hard coding to force find sqlite3 in /usr/bin
if it exists (user: mrwellan tags: trunk)
=== 2012-02-23 ===
18:58:13 [fe9b4b1aa4] Changes to wiki page [fsl wrapper] (user: mrwellan)
18:50:27 [a9bee7027c] Changes to wiki page [Implemented work-arounds and
fixes] (user: mrwellan)
18:49:14 [b1f768ed47] Changes to wiki page [Implemented work-arounds and
fixes] (user: mrwellan)

Here's what happens when I try to use it:
Usage: /usr/local/bin/fossil COMMAND ...
or: /usr/local/bin/fossil help -- for a list of common commands
or: /usr/local/bin/fossil help COMMMAND -- for help with the named command
or: /usr/local/bin/fossil commands -- for a list of all commands

$fsl commands
/usr/local/bin/fossil: /usr/local/bin/fossil: unknown command: commands
/usr/local/bin/fossil: use "help" for more information

So what you're reporting for the UI is ... not what I'm seeing.

On 29 March 2012 04:26, Matt Welland <> wrote:
The fsl convienence wrapper has had a few updates and seems to be working pretty well for us. I'm announcing it (again) to the fossil list perchance it is of use to anyone else.


1. "areas". Store your fossils in different directories, e.g. public, private, customera, etc. List the areas or fossils in each area. Our team is working with nearly 100 different fossils (and growing every day) over four or five "areas" so for us this is really helpful.

2. Eased creation and getting of repos, e.g.: "fsl repo get public scripts", this hides the clone/open cycle from users which makes ramping up on fossil much easier.

3. Simple, override-able set up actions, we use this to set the default "areas" for users and to set allow-symlinks in the global settings. Symlinks are a particularly troublesome issue for us and we need repos and users to always default to allow-symlinks.

4. Simple but very limited "hooks"

5. Misc tweaks; tweak timeline output to be Unix scriptaholic friendly, -f (force) for mv, hierarchical move that works like Unix

"fsl" is just a simple bash script which should work on most Unixes with little to no install effort. It might work on Cygwin but I've not tested it.

You can get it at:

> fsl repo help
The fsl convienence wrapper.
Copyright (C) 2012 Matthew Welland, License GPL 2.0
Usage: fsl repo cmd args
Or: fsl <fossil commands>

where repo cmd is one of
ls <area>
get <area> <reponame>
addarea <areaname> <path>
droparea <areaname>
create <areaname> <reponame> [-template templatename]
import <areaname> <reponame> <fossilfile>

Also available, move with Unix semantics:
fsl mv src1 [src2 ...] targ

Move with -f also does corresponding Unix mv
fsl mv -f src1 [src2 ...] targ

Note: timeline and leaves output is de-wrapped

More at:

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