Message info Subject:Bug#642639: debdiff attached Date:Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:00:55 +0100

tags 642639 + patch


gnat-4.4 and gnat-4.6 conflicts and are both pulled by builddep of

This debdiff solves the issue by only build depending on gnat-4.6. For
this, libaws 2.10.2-dev needs to be used instead of libaws2.7-dev and
gnat-4.4 needs to be removed from the builddeps. For consistency, the
patch also change all gnat-4.4 dependencies to gnat-4.6. Unfortunately,
gnat-4.4 is also pulled through indirect dependencies (by
libapq-postgresql1-dev and libapq1-dev). "Blocks" will be set
accordingly on these packages.

Furthermore, the patch also updates the builddeps to libahven3-dev
because libahven1-dev is no longer available in Debian.