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To:Discussion list for the Wikidata project. From:JFC Morfin Subject:Re: [Wikidata-l] Wikidata submissions for Wikimania Date:Sun, 18 Mar 2012 16:33:47 +0100

At 10:49 18/03/2012, Jan Kučera wrote:
>Sorry for biting, but life taught me WMF is a big black hole for
>money, ideas and latedy also for participation... not giving a shi* at
>all about its editors... I simply do not trust anything new since some
>time ago. May this project be an exception, since it actually is not
>run directly by WMF but by you guys in WMDE... it really is not
>surprising that WMF was not able to come up whit this project for
>about 7 years, even though there surely was demand...

Dear Lydia,

I joined this list from a comment on the Wikimedia France site, but I
would like to know where I can find a road map, a charter or a page
for the project you engage on behalf ow WMDE.
Thank you !

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