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OK, thanks.


Yes, i can keep an eye on the page on Commons you linked here. And I was already informed by our chairman about the domain status so I hope this will be solved ASAP. 



Wikimedia Czech Republic

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Hi Aktron,

Great that you guys decided to join this year. I added the Czech Republic to and created . Maybe you can expand it a  bit? Don't forget to register the domain to keep it from being hijacked!


Op 15-2-2012 12:32, aktron@centrum.czschreef:

Hello everybody!


Few weeks ago the board of Wikimedia Czech Republic agreed that we would like to participate in 2012 Wiki Loves Monuments contest. We were ipressed by the 2011 results. Some members of czech Wikipedia community also asked why the heck we do not participate in this competition. Last year we organized similar event - the best contributors that expanded some articles from the list chosen by a particular committee ( ) were rewarded. Also, there is a lot of skilled photographers in our community and we have already several activities of photographic nature that involve both Wikimedia Czech Republic chapter and Wikipedia community.


We started some basic organizing: and as a good example - or a model - we use polish Wikipedia:


So... we look for future cooperation and for eventual help that can improve our project. We are right on the start.





Wikimedia Czech Republic




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