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--- Comment #4 from Rob Lanphier <> 2012-02-19 19:33:48 UTC ---
More discussion of this issue quoted below. This is a really tough problem to
solve well with our current caching infrastructure, but we should still keep an
eye on ways to fix this.

The short story is that when anonymous readers use redirects, such as WP:RD/L,
they often get outdated versions of the target page. This seems to be a problem
with the way our servers handle caching of page versions. I tried raising the
issue on the #wikimedia-tech IRC channel but didn't really arouse any interest,
and I don't really know where to go next. Could you ask someone from the
operations side to take a look at the VP/T thread and comment there? I know
there have been problems in the past with stale redirects and operation of the
job queue but I'm not sure if they are considered solved. The problem is pretty
much beyond what any of us locals can help with, so I think we could use some
heavyweight tech support, even if it's just to say "can't be fixed" or "don't
care". The problem seems to affect usability of the wiki for anonymous editors,
if you can help with getting it looked at, that would be great. Thanks &
regards! Franamax(talk) 23:22, 21 January 2012 (UTC)

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