Message info Subject:[Bug 30126] "File links" heading on File pages should include pagelinks to this file ([[:File:Example.jpg]]) Date:Thu, 29 Mar 2012 06:16:51 +0000

Martin Guy <> changed:

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--- Comment #10 from Martin Guy <> 2012-03-29 06:16:51 UTC ---
Hi. Thanks for reporting this bug. I was about to do the same.

Reading your discussion, there are two bugs here.

One (the one I encountered) is that [[File:foo.png]] are included in the "File
links" section but [[:File:foo.png]] are not, which is relatively

The other is the distinction between "File links" and "File usage" which is a
more major change, and I would class that as a request for enhancement.

To expedite the fixing of the first issue, may I suggest making this issue
refer to that and to file a separate issue for the second?

Thanks for your work on a marvellous tool which helps raise the world-mind's IQ


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