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#19910: Appearance Improvements: Theme Customization Frame
Reporter: koopersmith | Owner: koopersmith
Type: task (blessed) | Status: accepted
Priority: normal | Milestone: 3.4
Component: Themes | Version: 3.3.1
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Comment (by koopersmith):

In [20319]:
#!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="20319"
Theme Customizer: Move upload and image controls to subclasses. see

Instead of grouping together every control parameter into a single array
and passing them all to the JS, use subclasses with custom parameters to
implement additional PHP functionality and the parameter to send only the
necessary variables to the JavaScript control.

Replaces WP_Customize_Control->control_params with
WP_Customize_Control->json and WP_Customize_Control->to_json(). The
to_json() method refreshes the json array passed to the JavaScript control
(set to control.param by default).

Creates WP_Customize_Upload_Control and WP_Customize_Image_Control.

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